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Elemis has 20 years experience in treating both men and women in the professional spa environment. Each spa-therapy has been developed by a specialized team, using extensive clinical and scientific studies to ensure every therapy shows real results. Designed to respect the body's complex physiology, Elemis spa-therapies work in natural synergy with the skin, body and mind. Every treatment is specifically created to offer a unique experience, using powerful massage sequences and the most potent actives available in the world today. Dynamic ingredients, medical grade formulas and dedicated research are all combined to provide a range of spa-therapies that offer scientific solutions to every skin, body or lifestyle concern.

One of the most important parts of the spa experience is the environment in which each treatment is performed, so Elemis designed a spa that transformed and, indeed, elevated the traditional spa experience.

The Elemis day-spa opened in Mayfair in the new millenium, completely defying the spa 'look and feel' status quo. In recent months, the Elemis day-spa has undergone a beautiful, yet subtle and sophisticated redesign and transformation. As you enter the Sensory Lounge, the beautiful Jab silk fabric drapes with hand-made tassel tiebacks frame the windows giving a wonderful warm feeling that you have arrived ‘home’ from the bustle of the city. Beyond the Elemis Sensory Lounge lies three sumptuous suites with eight treatment rooms and the infamous two-seater traditional Rasul, restored to its former radiance.

After its launch, the Elemis day-spa received accolades from the press and clients alike and soon after, the Elemis Spa at the Village of Merrick Park in Coral Gables, Florida launched as its American sister. These two flagship spas have been designed to ensure the essence of the Elemis experience through interior choices, attention to detail and treatment offerings.

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