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Steiner Leisure Limited is a global provider of spa services, medi-spa services, a manufacturer and distributor of premium skin, body and hair care products and an accredited educator teaching students the skills necessary to be a spa professional, including massage, skincare and spa management.

Our Maritime and Resort Spa divisions operate in over 200 venues on land and at sea.

Steiner product brands include Bliss, Elemis, Jou, La Thérapie, Mandara and Steiner skincare, wellness and haircare products. These are distributed through Steiner-operated day spas, resorts and spas-at-sea. Elemis is also distributed to over 1200 third party spas and both Bliss and Elemis are distributed via retail outlets all over the world.

Steiner Education Group operates schools at 17 campuses located in Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Maryland, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Utah and Virginia. Offering programs in massage therapy and, in some cases, skincare, these schools train and qualify spa professionals for health and beauty positions within the Steiner family of companies or other industry entities.

Ideal Image is Steiner’s most recent addition to the spa group. With over 70 facilities in the US, Ideal Image is the largest laser hair removal spa of its kind, making laser hair removal accessible to a broader spectrum of men and women.

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